Recent Holy Apostles Alumni Publications

Jennifer Kuchemba-Hunter, MA in Philosophy, 2016, recently published “Compassion and Community in Perinatal Palliative Care: Understanding the Necessity of the Patient Perspective through Narrative Illustration,” in the Journal of Palliative Care in February 2019.
Jennifer is currently a doctoral student in the Bioethics program at Loyola University Chicago to be completed December 2019 and specializing in Catholic Bioethics and Public Health Ethics.

Nancy E. Martin, MA in Theology, 2013, just released a new book on July 1, 2019 called, Servant of God Gwen Coniker: God Leads, Faith and Trust Follow. This compelling story is an inspiration and example to others of how to live a holy and faithful marriage in a world where marriage has been diminished, where life was chosen in a world where life is no longer valued, all in the midst of the trials of raising 12 living children and founding and running an Apostolate to catechize others in the faith so as to lead others toward their heavenly home.

Nancy Martin is a wife and mother of five who has a passion for the Catholic Faith. She has developed and led many varied ministerial efforts and has taught classes on Consecration to Our Lady via the St. Louis de Montfort charism both online and in the classroom.

Let us join together in wishing Jennifer and Nancy a warm congratulations. Congratulations! You are both in our prayers.